Meet The Team

Andi Lowe-Smith

// Lives and breathes anything food and drink related. Michelin kitchen trained. Local and national award-winning cocktail mixologist: Andi's all about the flavour!


// Passionate about art, music and long dog walks on a Sunday morning with the family, preferably followed by a roast dinner!

// The best way to describe Tor? Cool, calm and collected. Silver-service trained, Tor prides herself on excellence. Tor has a huge passion for everything makeup and is a qualified makeup artist, which is an extra service we provide.


// Loves to spend time with her and Andi's son, Rupert, baking up treats in the kitchen or doing yoga!

Steve O'Hagan

// Never one to shy away from the more adventurous culinary creations. Steve is a chef with a great work ethic and even bigger talent.


// Big music and film buff and a hot shot on the golf course. Steve is a dedicated family man and an amazing guitarist.


// Georgie is a highly passionate member of our chef team and is creatively talented at creating dishes for vegan, gluten free and alternative dietary menus.


// Trained at Leith's cooking school in London and a seasoned traveller with a fantastic culinary attitude to trying anything.


// One of the most experienced members of our team. Having owned, started or managed 3 of the top restaurant/bars in the country, Nic is a veteran cocktail mixologist and is our go-to sommelier. He really knows his stuff!


// An accomplished musician and a seasoned traveller, Nic brings a calm and methodical approach with fresh and forward thinking ideas.


// Francesca, known as Chez to her TCDE family, could only be described as a team player. One of the hardest working people we have ever met, you never see Chez without a smile on her face even when the going gets tough!


// A love for travel has grown Chez's understanding and passion for fine wines and a extensive knowledge of craft beer.


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