What is Touchpoint Marketing and How Does it Affect Your Event?

A touchpoint is a message or interaction that literally ‘touches’ a customer in some way and collectively, touchpoints create the customer's experience. So, every customer’s experience, every corporate event, wedding or party, is made up of a series of touchpoints, which start from well before the event starts, and lasts until well after it’s over.

At The Cheshire Dining Experience, we constantly look at the processes and experiences making up the touchpoints at any event we are involved in. This enables us to evaluate our position and create and execute an occasion that totally fulfils the needs of you and your guests.

Put simply, we know that the way our team manages your entire experience forms the basis of your relationship with us.

So, we’ve put a lot of thought into how we interact with you through our brand, and the operational organisation we use to deliver an exceptional customer experience – and we do it through touchpoint marketing.

For our business, the common communication touchpoints include our website, email, and advertising – the things that every company does.

But what I really want to talk about are human touchpoints. Basically, these are your interactions with us. They may be physical touchpoints such as the location of your event, the initial enquiry, the tasting sessions, our follow up and ongoing support.

And from the minute your guests arrive to the minute they leave, we use touchpoints to give them an incredible experience. We understand, as a catering and fine-dining business, that while you can create exceptional food (which we do), provide amazing staff (which we do), and ensure the bar is well stocked and staffed, that is only part of the experience.

Some catering companies concentrate only on the food. We concentrate on the food, the service, the bar, and importantly, the experience. So, having chosen us for your event, we want you and your guests to be an awful lot more than satisfied: we want your guests to be impressed, amazed and enthusiastic.

If we do that then you will come back. And so might your guests.

Our goal then, is to engage in touchpoints that create an incredible experience at each stage of the process: our attitude, our food, our attention to detail all add together.

And of course, these will often appear to be spontaneous and effortless, because we’ll have already worked out the touchpoints that will make your event exceptional.

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