“One Team One Dream”

The ethos of the Cheshire Dining Experience is “Make it happen”. Since the very beginning, Andi has led the Kitchen, and Tori the floor, powered by this motto.

This is something, as a consistent member of the team, that I believe has driven us to produce the level of service that we do. From our pop-events to our weddings we maintain the same high standard. Not only have we all come from a variety of hospitality backgrounds, but we are all linked through friendships, colleagues, and for some of us, family!

We appreciate that many of our seasonal staff have full time jobs. Those of which take the time off work or out of their busy lives to come and work alongside us at our events. This highlights how valuable each member of our team is. Their dedication does not go unnoticed, both by ourselves, and many of our clients.

Our weekend away brought us even closer together (who knew it was possible?), and by spending quality time together strengthened our relationships as we got to know each other more. The support we have for one another enables us to work confidently, securely and efficiently and ultimately, “To make it happen”.

We acknowledge that at times our job can be very stressful. Therefore, time away also gave us the space to switch off for a few days. We spent the day freely running around by the sea.

I think there is a shared, unspoken understanding when you work in hospitality, of the challenges we may face. However, working alongside the Cheshire Dining team brings us more reward than challenge!

We put a lot of trust in one another, especially when we cater for weddings. This is the most important day of our clients lives and they are therefore putting a huge amount of trust in us!

I asked a member of our team how she would describe her experiences of working with Cheshire Dining, and she beautifully wrote:

“Working for Cheshire Dining has shown me the bridge between creativity and food. I have witnessed the craftsmanship behind fine dining and what it takes to make something incredible, to work in such a team has been an honour. To work amongst professionals in both cheffing, front of house and business in general has allowed me to see how enjoyable working in such a team can be”.

Hattie 2019.

Without our team, we would not be who we are, or where we are today. So, thank you for 2019.

Bring on 2020!