Why do we do the Christmas Delivery Service? And why should you!

Our Christmas Delivery service is in full swing! I am sure many of you are asking yourselves, is it worth it? Should we try it? How much easier could it be? Well…

Christmas day is one of the best (if not the best), day of the year! We are surrounded by our family and friends, opening presents and listening to Christmas songs. It is a day spent drinking fizz and eating anything that we want too! Guilt free!

Whether you’re cooking for the whole family, or the kids have flown the nest and theirs just the two of you, our Delivery Service eases the stress and offers you restaurant quality food, in the comfort of your own home. With MUCH less washing up!

Simple, delicious food, made in our kitchen, delivered to your door.

So, why do we do it?

“What inspired me to start the Christmas Delivery Service, was seeing how stressed my mum gets at Christmas when she feels as though it’s her duty to cook for 12+ people. It’s a difficult task, even for a chef! There is a huge amount of pressure to execute it “perfectly”, and as this is a once a year occasion, its not like she gets much practice!

So ultimately, it’s taking the theory of ready meals for working professionals, busy mums and dads, and anyone else who just does not have the time to prepare a Christmas feast. To freshly prepare, locally sourced produce, made with love, attention and care, delivered to your door. Simple, stress free instructions to support you through it, right up until the very last dish gets served to the table.

You can cheat your way to glory for a small fee”


So, let us save you all the stress. No wrestling the crowds at the supermarkets, no prepping days before (leaving you more time for drinking mulled wine), no worrying about booking your turkey at the butchers, and less time chained to the kitchen sink whilst everyone else sits around the table playing games.

Just place your order, and we’ll do all the hard work.

Treat yourselves, it is Christmas after all!

Last year’s feedback from our happy customers!

“I am so pleased I responded to a sponsored post to supply a three course Christmas Dinner from The Cheshire Dining Experience. It will be a yearly booking from me in future. Not only was all the food delicious and tweaked to our needs but delivered, packaged in dishes ready to cook/finish off, large portions, all fresh and hand made. It made a massive difference to my Christmas Day and meant I could relax with everyone else-priceless-thank you!!!”

“Christmas dinner, stressful? No chance! Thank you so much to Andi and Tori for your amazing Christmas dinner experience. Our meal for five people arrived the afternoon before and we popped it in the fridge until we were ready on the big day. Following Andi’s comprehensive instructions, and prompts when to drink gin, the meal was ready in no time with no stress. Taste explosion…how can anyone make mash potato soooooo good and that jus!!!!! Turkey and vegetarian options were thoroughly enjoyed by all and a post Queens speech snooze was needed after over-indulging on Cheshire Dining’s gastronomic Christmas dinner. We would thoroughly recommended Andi cooking your Christmas dinner for you, it even arrives on trays ready to pop straight in the oven”.