Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to our first blog post! We aim to use this as our more humane side of our catering company, letting you know of recipes we have created for our bespoke menus, pictures, the amazingly passionate team that surrounds us and general foodie thoughts.

Our company is one the is based on the raw passion for quality of service and quality of food. We, as young adults, have started to spend a lot of time at festivals, weddings, christenings, dinner parties and corporate events (and the like). It was at these we started to notice that at a lot of these, the food and service was really below the par of what we felt, as a collective, we could offer.

We have been operating through word of mouth for a little while, but we wanted to perfect each bit until we fully launched…. Fast forward a few years and here we are!

Last Friday saw us launch the company at a very special event in our home city of Chester. The event called Murmurations, was a series of talks by high profile professionals from the forefront of culture from the county and beyond.

One of the most nerve-racking guests the we would be feeding that day was Mark Garston (who is essentially Heston Blumenthal’s right hand man at the Fat Duck).

For me personally, I look to chefs, such as Heston and his team, to see what boundaries they are pushing. Love him or hate him, the man has three Michelin stars and The Fat Duck was voted the best restaurant in the world in 2005. This doesn’t happen by taking the easy route but constantly pushing boundaries and With ‘The Cheshire Dining Experience’, we are very fortunate to be able to cover a range of services such as canapés, event dining such as buffets or 2-5 course meals and we also do private dining in peoples homes or offices.

As we offer no fixed menus of ‘option A, B or C’, this doesn’t tie us or the customer down to being forced into a box, we are all about breaking out the box!! This frees us up to work with amazing suppliers who move with the seasons and provide us with the best and freshest produce.

For our launch day at the Murmurations Talks last Friday 1/7/16, we worked closely with a supplier called Nurtured In Norfolk. They supplied us with the amazing veg, flowers and leaves that helped us create the menu we provided.

After initially being contacted by Tom from The Natural Veg Men, he gave us a brief that he wanted a menu that was to have a fun, interactive and vegan/vegetarian friendly feel. From there, we composed a menu that we felt reflected the creative crowd that was attending. Doing picnics is something that is always fun! For Steve and myself, this is the best part of our job. We normally sit down over a glass of wine, pull down lots of recipe books, look through our own ideas books and compose a menu that we see fitting to the day.

The Murmurations menu was one that we came up with relatively quickly. Picnics are always very fun and we basically came to the conclusion that if we were to have our perfect picnic, what would we want?! From there, we looked at what was in season and glanced through recipes to form the menu.

It was one of the most well received menus we have put together.

The day went amazingly well and we are proud to finally be out there and to have work coming in. It has always been my dream to do a job that I truly love and can provide for my young family that lets me be creative and to make amazing food that I believe in, thanks to you, I can!