Tips on how to organise a vegan wedding

Whilst your wedding will hopefully be the happiest day of your life, organising one, especially a big one, can be a decidedly stressful experience. Once you bring vegan considerations into the equation, it adds another level of difficulty. But it needn’t be as hard as you might think.

We know how important it is to get your big day right, so that you create memories you will treasure forever. To that end, we have compiled a list of tips that, if used, will help minimise stress when planning a vegan wedding.

  • Get the food and drink right. Vegan food can be delicious, so being able to impress guests who perhaps had preconceptions about what vegan food would be like is a real positive. Maybe making sure that your guests know that the food will be vegan beforehand will prevent people being disappointed when they turn up. When it comes to drinks, just check that any wines and beers that you serve have been brewed in a way that is vegan friendly. Obviously, the culinary star of the show is the cake, and there are numerous vegan bakers whose services you can employ.
  • Make sure your clothing is animal-free and your jewellery is ethically sourced. Check the labels almost before you look at the dress, so as to avoid wanting something that contains animal products. You can also buy something second hand, which would be better for the environment. When it comes to rings, make certain that any precious metals and gemstones have been ethically sourced.
  • Wear make-up that hasn’t been tested on animals. Seems obvious, but just make sure that any beauty products you use have been produced and tested in a way that is up to your standards.
  • Appropriate gifts. Often nowadays, money is given as a gift instead of a more traditional list, but just make sure, if you are taking gifts, that they are vegan-friendly.
  • Use Fairtrade flowers. Similarly, with the food, make sure that any flowers you use have been produced in a way that is up to your standards.