Why attention to detail matters to us

Attention to detail is underrated in many companies. In a world where everyone is running around responding to issues, dealing with customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, attention to detail can suffer.

But in our world clients are investing money, time, and probably most importantly, emotion, into what we are delivering, so attention to detail matters. A lot. Every detail has to be perfect and every element planned, re-planned and perfected.

Why? Well, it’s not just because our reputation is at stake and we really care about doing things properly. It’s because it’s your event, your party, your wedding which is at stake – and we know how important it is to you. So we care about getting it right.

Have you ever looked at a company and thought?

  1. They haven’t read our brief or listened to what we said.
  2. They seem disorganised and rushed.
  3. There are lots of small errors that seem to crop up.

Well, we have too and that’s why we work differently.

For us, at the core of our business is an obsession with attention to detail. And it simply means getting the small things right. If you get all the small things right then the big things, which are just made up of hundreds of small things, will be right as well.

Like your name, your family, your likes, dislikes, and preferences. So, when we ask you, we pay attention.

Like our tasting sessions where we really want you to be happy with the food and we’ll move heaven and earth until you are.

Like getting the finalised menu, and the numbers, and any special requirements, exact.

You’d be surprised how many people think that ‘near enough’ will do (and in some industries it will – in some industries 80% right is good enough – do a job, do it right, and move on). But not ours.

Not for us it won’t, because if you see little errors you might think that we’re not that bothered. Well we are, and as a team we want you to know that what you get from us will be perfect.