What’s trending for wedding food in 2019

If your news for 2019 is that you’re getting married, then you’ll know that food and drink will play a big part. Gone are the days of the ubiquitous, sit-down three courser and a buffet in the evening (unless, of course, that’s your heart’s desire), and this year’s popular trends are as follows:

Instead of a time-filler between the ceremony and the evening, cocktails are becoming increasingly popular as a significant part of the proceedings in its own right. And what’s more, they’re themed to create bespoke drinks making them meaningful and personal to the couple and guests. Fresh ingredients are gaining in popularity such as edible flowers and herbs, while locally sourced beers and English wines are on the rise and low or non-alcoholic drinks are not just tagged on as an afterthought.

Late-night snacks
As the evening progresses, creative food ideas are warding off the hunger pangs. Delights such as bacon rolls, toasted marshmallows, toasties and milkshakes all give an individual twist, while doing the job for the revellers.

Edible displays
Food as art is nothing new, but using edible displays, such as doughnut walls and food stations are both a talking point and a destination for guests to enjoy.

Wedding favours – to eat or drink
If you decide to treat your guests to wedding favours, then 2019 is the year for edible gifts. Usually sweet, cookies, cakes or even golden-oldies like sugared almonds are always popular, but customised drinks, jams or chutneys, dated and packaged with a little love and creativity can be a personal and unique choice.

Food trucks
Well, they’ve been around at all sorts of events for a good while, but this year will see a rise in popularity at weddings for this informal style of eating – perhaps even instead of a sit-down meal as festival-type weddings gain in popularity.

Grazing tables
Sociable and informal, grazing tables forgo the waiting staff and regimentation of a sit-down meal as guests mingle and chat over relaxed eating arrangements with delicious, local, homemade and artisan produce.

Textured and hand-painted wedding cakes
From naked cakes to cupcake towers to this year’s trend for contemporary hand-painted cakes, the wedding cake is going nowhere. Famous designs, specific styles, textured stone effects and shimmery metallics are in. In fact, texture seems to be as popular a trend as colour this year.

Dessert tables
The thing about a dessert table is the visual impact it makes. Deserts can be placed at different heights and there can be different theme elements including vegan. They can be minimal, overflowing, compact, spread out – they are totally versatile and can cater for every taste.

Drink stations
The popularity of Prosecco and Gin continues into 2019 and is not expected to lessen. However, the trend for flavoured teas, hot chocolate and coffee is on the rise, as is the call for craft beers and retro soda stands or even milk carts. Guests can customise their drinks as they wish, with plenty of alcoholic, non-alcoholic and even vegan drinks to choose from.

Outdoor BBQs
Beloved in the summer on any occasion, BBQs are another informal alternative to the usual three courses, especially if the wedding theme is more boho chic or Midsummer Night’s Dream. They lend themselves to the use of locally-sourced, in-season, organic food – another side to wedding catering that is becoming more of a concern for many couples.

Vegan menus
Given the ongoing rise in the take up of veganism and vegetarianism, it’s no surprise that more weddings will be going completely vegan or vegetarian.

Basically, the 2019 wedding food trends have never been more individual, with couples able to enjoy their creativity and reflect their wishes in their perfect wedding feast. It seems that anything goes – beautifully.