How we use Spontaneity to Make an Event Special for You.

Though events can be sometimes be similar in content and approach (weddings for example often follow a similar path, with key elements on which each wedding is built), each one should be a unique experience for the people involved.

No one wants their event to be, or even just feel, like anyone else’s. Our mission is to leave you safe in the knowledge that your event was utterly special, and perfect for you and your guests.

So how do we do this? Well, other than creating a unique menu for each event specific to your requirements, carefully crafted, tasted, and personalised to you, we also look at what other organisations do and learn from them.

Perhaps surprisingly, we can learn a lot from companies such as Disney. They are a fantastic example of how to personalise your guests’ experiences through spontaneity. Obviously, you may think that if something is spontaneous then it happens in the moment so if we pre-plan it, it can’t be spontaneous.

But the best spontaneity comes from careful planning, from empowerment, and a willingness to go the extra mile.

Bear with me on this! We aim to personalise an experience to make everyone feel special – as an individual – and that means giving each individual at your event their very own experience of our service.

Everyone is at the same event but not everyone is the same, and by being spontaneous in our approach then every individual can feel special. And that good feeling stays with them.

The Disney Institute teaches business professionals a key business insight: exceptional service, though carefully architected backstage, should look spontaneous and personalised onstage.

Every event we run is a stage, every course a performance, and every member of staff, as well as doing an excellent job, is performing. Not only are they representing our brand and our ethos, they are representing you.

So, we realise it’s important that the quality planning and organisation from which we consistently deliver our service does not prevent us from delivering a personalised service. If staff are constantly worried about process, unsure of what to do, or not experienced enough, then they simply can’t provide those uniquely spontaneous moments. They can’t easily react positively to their environment and go that extra mile.

We believe that key to delivering exceptional service is to treat every guest individually and personalise every one of our interactions with them – to suit their needs and make their experience special. If the service they receive is on-the-spot and just for them, then they feel cared for. That emotional connection makes our service exceptional rather than simply good.

And while people remember exceptional service, they tend to really remember the high points – the individual moments that set that service apart.