Using wedding trends for your corporate event?

Let’s face it – weddings are a big deal and a huge amount of time and effort goes into getting them just right. So why not harness some of that effort for your corporate event? Looking at this year’s wedding trends, there’s a surprising amount that can cross-over into making your event a memorable occasion too.

Firstly, cookies are in. Personalised with a logo, a monogram or even a photograph, they are so versatile that all preferences – be they flavour-based, vegan or gluten-free – can be catered for, often more easily than with other desserts. And the same goes for the dessert bar in general. Diversity and choice are key.

Obviously, flowers are an integral part of any wedding and they should be at your corporate event too, so make a statement with your floral arrangements – as themed as you like. And think about the dynamics of the seating arrangements – make them work for you and your guests by using personalised or themed place cards.

As the trend for plant-based wedding food grows, why not borrow it for your corporate event? Cauliflower steaks instead of beef perhaps. Many couples are choosing creative vegetarian and vegan menus for everyone and there’s no reason why you couldn’t do the same for your event.

Continuing the food theme, instead of the traditional groups of tables with waiting staff and a three-course meal, why not consider stylish bars and food stations, as a major focal point? They’re an easy gathering point for guests to socialise and network and could make your event just that little bit more memorable.

If you do opt for more formal seating, consider a transparent seating chart. Acrylic seating charts are proving popular at weddings because they can offer a personalised and modern new look for something that you’re going to have to do anyway.

Couples are favouring gifts for guests that are usable as well as desirable – even edible or drinkable. Rather than giving away gift bags with yet more corporate throwaway stuff, why not give favours that are useful and thoughtful – there’s no reason why they can’t still be corporate to whatever degree you like. Or, consider setting up a stocked gifting suite. Instead of handing out gift bags, let guests to choose their own welcome bag – giving them exactly what they want for their stay, and avoiding pointless unused or unwanted items.

Clearly, there are plenty of crossovers between weddings and corporate events and a bit of careful planning could incorporate trends and ideas to make yours a spectacular and memorable corporate event.